Savvy vehicle owners have been taking advantage of vehicle service contracts more now than ever before – and for a good reason.

Quality coverage (like the coverage available from companies like CarGuard Administration) provides fantastic peace of mind, bumper-to-bumper protection, and emergency repair solutions at prices that won’t break your bank account.

Not at all, an extended warranty; Vehicle service contracts are something else entirely – an umbrella level of protection and coverage for auto repair needs that you would have had to pay out for out-of-pocket otherwise.

Below we dig a little deeper into how vehicle service contracts from companies like CarGuard Administration are helping drivers save mounds of money on maintenance, preventative care, and repairs.

No Extra Cost Maintenance

One of the most popular vehicle service contract plans from CarGuard Administration is their Prepaid Maintenance Plan.

Members who sign up for this program enjoy three oil changes, replacement brake pads, and choose between guaranteed battery replacement, and full cooling system maintenance and lubrication.

All of this is available at a steep discount compared to tackling this kind of preventative care individually.

Protection from Catastrophic Emergencies

Issues with a vehicle powertrain are always expensive, which is why CarGuard Administration provides up to $12,500 (or the actual cash value to replace powertrain components) should something go wrong with a vehicle.

Drivers also get complimentary roadside assistance as well as a rental car program while their vehicle is in the shop, expenses that can add up big time as well – especially if a powertrain fails at night or during “emergency service” hours that are always expensive.

Smart Investment That Boosts Resale Value

When drivers invest in transferable vehicle service contracts (not extended warranty programs but legitimate auto repair service contracts), they are able to dramatically increase the resale value of their vehicle.

Think about it this way:

If a new car buyer had the option to purchase a vehicle that was previously owned and had no extra protection against wear and tear, no extra protection should an emergency failure happen, and no way to know exactly how that car was treated previously.

Or, The opportunity to purchase a previously owned car that included a transferable auto repair vehicle service contract and protection from a company like CarGuard Administration.

It’s not hard to see which one offers the better value!

At the end of the day, an investment in this level of protection not only provides an extra layer of safety for a vehicle or a bank account – but it also provides a lot of confidence for vehicle owners as well.

Car owners with a vehicle service plan know that they aren’t going to have to go out-of-pocket if something serious happens to their vehicle.

They know they are going to be helped, they know they are going to be able to get their car back on the road, and they know that they won’t have to deal with the headache and hassle that comes from auto repair projects without this kind of protection.

Vehicle service contracts from legitimate operations are always a safe investment!