A sliding door is a door that slides horizontally through a parallel guide in a wall; these doors commonly know to be in minivans, specifically in models like the Honda Oddysey sliding door.

In the case of the Honda Odyssey sliding door, they are sliding doors located in the passenger area for greater comfort. They allow the rear side of the car to be opened more quickly on any occasion.

Operation of sliding doors in cars

The sliding doors in cars work on a rail for the entrance movement to the sides; this rail makes it much easier and much more comfortable to move the mentioned doors in the vehicle.

These sliding doors locate depending on the car that has them, in the case of minivans, as, for example, in the Honda Odyssey, sliding doors are located on both sides of the rear seats.

In vehicles transporting people, animals, packages, and these sliding doors, they receive use because they facilitate the entry and exit of people and the loading or unloading of what transports the vehicle.

There are also automatic sliding doors that, through their mechanism, offer ease in the process of opening and closing car doors by pressing a button or with a superior control for this purpose.

The automatic sliding doors’ operation is by pressing the corresponding buttons, which in turn send a signal to the car’s computer, which activates the function indicated to open or close the sliding doors as appropriate.

Mechanism of the automatic sliding doors

Automatic sliding doors have a mechanism composed of a motor, a transmission chain, some rails, and a ratchet, making the door move from one side to the other quickly and straightforwardly.

The automatic sliding doors are activated or deactivated, utilizing buttons that can be found specifically on the car’s front to operate the doors.

In the case of the Honda Odyssey sliding doors, the mechanism is automatic, thus providing greater comfort for those who choose this vehicle model in their daily life, which is usually ideal if you have a large family.

Advantages of sliding doors in cars

  • Thanks to the sliding doors, we can have more space when entering or leaving the vehicle.
  • Damage to conventional doors when being closed with force.
  • Sliding doors are beneficial for the elderly and also for those with a motor disability.
  • The automatic sliding doors have a safety device to prevent the door from opening or closing, depending on your need.

Disadvantages of sliding doors in cars

  • If you are not familiar with how sliding doors work, you may find them difficult to open or close.
  • Automatic sliding doors can have problems in the mechanism.

Sliding doors on the Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey is a car with a lovely design for a minivan that has everything you need for comfort and transporting the family along with its capacity.

From its third generation in the Honda Odyssey sliding doors models, the manufacturer Honda has introduced automation in these doors to give more comfort to its drivers and passengers.

The Honda Odyssey sliding doors, in its latest generation, have an opening mechanism that can reach 70 centimetres under a hidden rail that makes it look simple and easy.

Sliding door problems on the Honda Odyssey

Problems with automotive body parts with these doors can cause problems with the door mechanism, rails, and sensors on the automatic sliding doors.

Some of these problems are rail obstruction due to dirt accumulating in the rail or dryness in the clutch, which causes the door to lock when opening or closing Honda Odyssey sliding doors.

On the other hand, this area that is part of automotive body parts may have problems in the sensors that they integrate due to a lack of energy in the vehicle’s battery or some electrical problem in the wiring.

Over the years, the Honda Odyssey sliding doors have had problems. As of September 21 of this year, they began to withdraw units of the Honda Odyssey models manufactured between April 2017 and June 2020.

 Because of a problem in the automatic sliding doors’ mechanism that causes humidity to affect the wiring around the rails, which in turn causes the sliding doors to open involuntarily.

It increased the possibility of car accidents, and in turn, injuries to people in the vehicle have tried to contain along their units to avoid these drawbacks.

The Honda manufacturer has made its official dealers available so that customers who have purchased the Honda Odyssey manufactured between 2017 and 2020 can take their cars to have the wiring of the sliding doors replaced.

Resetting the Honda Odyssey’s automatic sliding doors

It can restart the Honda Odyssey’s automatic sliding doors without any failure or problem in its mechanism. Still, the Honda manufacturer recommends to do it promptly to have an optimal operation.

The reset of the Honda Odyssey sliding doors is very simple first; we must disconnect our car’s battery and close the sliding doors manually; this is the first method.

The second method is to pass the power switch and press the “OFF” button of the sliding doors, close the doors manually, and press the “ON” button, and they should now door reset the entry.

Suppose neither of these methods works to solve the failure or problem in the doors that are part of automotive body parts. The manufacturer recommends going to or contacting an official Honda dealer.