Some days are perfect for the ritual of washing your car. You get the buckets out of the garage, assemble all your supplies, and spend some quality time really making sure your car looks as good as it possibly can. Other days though, you just really need your car to look great without all the hassle of a full wash.

Waterless car washing has exploded in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. You can achieve the same quality of cleanliness, finish and shine without the need to spend hours in the driveway under the hot sun. Waterless wash solutions are a safe, environmentally friendly, and high quality alternative to a traditional wash.

I Can Wash My Car Without Water?

Some auto enthusiasts might scoff at the idea of washing their entire car without ever turning on the hose, but the truth of it is that industry professionals have been using waterless car washes for years. If you find yourself without access to a hose, floor drain, or all the other complex tools that you need for a proper detailing, a waterless car wash will strip away all the dirt and grime while leaving a streak free finish.

It’s called a “waterless wash” because the only things you need are the solution and a couple of high quality microfibre towels. Simply apply the solution, let it sit briefly, and wipe away. No buckets, sprayers, hoses, or brushes necessary.

How Do Waterless Washes Work?

Waterless car washes work by trapping the dirt and dust and making it easier to simply wipe off cleanly. You start by spraying the solution on to a section of your car and letting it sit for at least 30 seconds. Letting the solution sit briefly ensures that it has time to penetrate the dirt and form an emulsion with the grime on your car.

After setting, you can then take your microfibre towel and gently wipe the dirt away from the surface of the car. When using a waterless wash, or any wash really, you want to be careful to wipe in gentle, straight motions. If you press too firmly, or use a rough cloth, you will grind the debris into your paint and can badly scratch the finish.

Are Waterless Washes Right for My Car?

Do you ever wish your car had that freshly washed shine, but you didn’t want the chore of actually washing it? Anyone who owns a car, from the top level auto enthusiasts all the way to the mom on her way to soccer practice, can benefit from waterless car washes. 

That’s not to say that waterless washes will completely replace your regular routine, but they are a safe and easy way to keep your car looking as good as it can in between full washes. Vehicles that already have a ceramic coating applied benefit even more from waterless washes because the washing solution will help to touch up your ceramic coating and restore the glossy finish to its original luster.

Leave Lousy Washes Behind

If you are the sort of person who can’t stand the streaks, swirls, and dry water spots left behind after a traditional car wash, a waterless solution is the thing for you. Because there’s no water involved, the chemicals used wipe away cleanly without any of the usual headaches.

Using a waterless wash on your car is safe for your vehicle’s paint job and will leave behind a beautiful finish that you’re sure to love. If you care about the way your car looks, but can’t stand adding a chore to your to-do list, do yourself a favor and switch to waterless car washes.